Who we are?

I am Davinder Deol, a young mother and entrepreneur who has proven her ability through hard work and dedication to health and financial goals. I worked as a nurse in India, and now, for the last 7 years, I have been living with my family in Australia. I worked as a nurse and health coach.

The turning point for me was the birth of my second child. I started using HERBALIFE WEIGHT LOSS products and their SKINCARE SERIES. And I was amazed at the results as I lost 22 pounds in 4 months and my skin changed for the better. Then I understood the value of "FOOD" as "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!" I made the decision that I want to help other people who are also struggling with the same problems. I started working from home, but over time my interest in this business turned into a passion. In this way, I helped other people to cope with their problems, and also gained financial independence with HERBALIFE.

Now I continue to work as a nurse. Currently, more than 100 people are associated with me who work for the well-being and growth of other people.

I also continued my career as a personal trainer, earning 3 and 4 certifications in Fitness to enhance my fitness knowledge.